Dear Colleague,

The field of application specific integrated circuits has seen rapid changes in the last decade. These changes have encompassed not only the advances in technology, but also the very nature of applications, design, test and manufacturing. The IEEE International ASIC/SOC Conference has been a major forum for designers to exchange information, gain new knowledge and network with others in the field.

The Fourteenth Annual IEEE International ASIC/SOC Conference will continue this tradition. The conference theme will be ”System-on-Chip in a Networked World.” While, focussing on this timely topic, the conference will cover all aspects of ASIC/SoC. The conference will have three days of technical paper sessions, one day of tutorial workshops by leading experts in the field, and keynote sessions by the foremost leaders in the field.

I hope that you will join us either as a presenter or as an attendee, and give us the pleasure of interacting with you and your colleagues. I look forward to seeing you in Washington, DC in September 2001.


P.R. Mukund
ASIC/SOC’01 General Chair

Welcome to ASIC/SOC 2001