Here are some impressions from speeches held during previous conferences,
and a
list of all distinguished speakers from 1990-2000:
Keynote 99

John E. Kelly, III, Senior Vice President & Group Executive, Technology Group, IBM Corp.,receives the ASIC/SOC Clock from the Conference Chair after delivering his keynote at ASIC/SOC 2000

Wilfred Corrigan, Chairman and CEO, LSI Logic Corp., during his keynote address at ASIC/SOC´99

Jim Meindl and Wilf Corrigan
Keynote 98

James Meindl, Director, Microelectronics Research Center, Georgia Institute of Technology (left), and Wilfred Corrigan, Chairman and CEO, LSI Logic Corp. are discussing the future of System-on-Chip design with an ASIC/SOC´99 attendee.

Raul Camposano
Banquet 99

(above and left)
Raul Camposano, Chief Technical Officer, Senior Vice President & General Manager Design Tools, Sysopsys Inc. held the keynote speech at ASIC´98

James F. Bell III, Cornell University Dept. of Astronomy, gave insights into NASA´s Mars program at the ASIC´98 Banquet Dinner

List of Distinguished Speakers 1990-2000:

2000 - “System-on-Chip in the Internet Age” - Arlington, VA


John E. Kelly, III

Senior Vice President & Group Executive, Technology Group, IBM Corp.



"Communications System-on-a-chip - Opportunity and Challenges"


Wolfgang Roethig

NEC Electronics



"Design for Signal Integrity on SoC"


James Urquhart

Chief Operating Officer and Director, ARM Holdings plc.

1999 - “The Road to System-on-Chip (SOC)” - Arlington, VA


Wilfred J. Corrigan

Chairman and CEO, LSI Logic Corporation



"System-on-a-chip in the Internet Economy"


James D. Meindl

Director, Microelectronics Research Center,
Georgia Institute of Technology



"Opportunities and Persistent Limits on a GSI System-on-a-Chip"


Yervant Zorian

Chief Technology Advisor, LogicVision, Inc.



"System-on-Chip Test Strategies"


Kensall D. Wise

Director, Center for Integrated Microsystems,
University of Michigan



INTEGRATED MICROSYSTEMS:  Merging MEMS, Micropower Electronics, and Wireless Communications”


Leon Chua

Director of Nonlinear Electronics Laboratory,
University of California, Berkeley



"Nanostructures and Cellular Neural Networks"


Juri Matisoo
Ram Krishnamurthy

Vice President of Technology, Silicon Industry Association

Intel Corp.



"SIA’s International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors"

1998 - “ULSI - Making it Real” - Rochester, NY


Raul Camposano

Chief Technical Officer, Senior Vice President & General Manager Design Tools, Sysopsys Inc.



"Design Technology for System on a Chip"


James F. Bell III

Cornell University Dept. of Astronomy



"NASA Mars Rovers and Orbiters:
Imaging the Geologic History of the Red Planet"


Vic Kulkarni

Head of Library Business Unit, Avant! Corporation



"Silicon Intellectual Property:
The Passport to System-on-a-Chip"

1997 - “Portable Solutions” - Portland, OR


Eli Harari

President & CEO, SanDisk Corporation



"Flash Memory-the Universal Digital Storage Medium for the Coming Age of Consumer Electronics"


John Tanner

President & CEO, Tanner Research Inc.



"The Future of EDA: An Alternative View"


Levy Gerzberg

President & CEO, Zoran Corp.



"Entrepreneurship in the U.S."

1996 - “VLSI Systems Solutions” - Rochester, NY


Walter Davis

Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Semiconductor Operations for the Messaging Systems Products Group, Motorola, Inc



"The Role of VLSI in Wireless Communication"


Irwin Federman

Senior Partner, US Venture Partners



“Venture Capital Perspectives on the Information Technology Revolution”


Charles (Bob) Hewes

Texas Instruments



“The Convergence of DSP and ASIC”

1995 - “Implementing the Information Superhighway with Emerging Technologies” - Austin, TX


Peng H. Ang

Vice President and General Manager Consumer Products Division, LSI Logic Corporation



“ASIC Technology: The Driving force behind the Information Superhighway


Brad Cox

George Mason University



"Taming the Electronic Frontier"


David M. Williams

Director of Home Media Lab, Intel



“The Soul of a New Medium - Musings on the Information Superhighway”

1994 - Rochester, NY


Ron Smith

General Manager PCI Components Division, Intel Corporation



“Performance Issues for PCs in the Consumer Market”


Robert A. Pease

National Semiconductor



"What's All This Feedback Stuff?"


Arpad G. Toth

Imaging Research Laboratories, Eastman Kodak



“Image Enabled Multimedia Communications”

1993 - Rochester, NY


Aart J. de Geus

President, Synopsys, Inc.



“One Million Gate ASIC? Not with Present EDA Tools and Methodology!”


V. Michael Bove, Jr.

MIT Media Laboratory



"Hardware and Software Implications of Representing Scenes as Data"


Richard S. Wolff

Director, Personal Communications Applications Research, Bellcore



“Personal Communications Applications: New Opportunities and Challenges for ASIC Designers”

1992 - Rochester, NY


Hal Alles

Chief Architect, Mentor Graphics Corp.



“ICs and ASICs at Thirty-Something”


S. Samuel Liu

President, Silicon Integrated Systems Corp., Taiwan R.O.C.



”ASICs in the 90's -- an Asia Pacific Perspective”


Bruce R. Bourbon

President and CEO, Vertex Semiconductor Corp, a Toshiba Subsidiary



"The Design Gap"


Michael J. Barry

CD Imaging Development, Eastman Kodak Company



“The Photo CD Imaging System”

1991 - Rochester, NY


Frederick T. Tucker

Senior Vice President, General Manager Automotive and Industrial Group, Motorola Inc.



“ASICs in the Automotive Industry”


Tommy Ng

General Manager of ICCAD Advanced Design Automation, Mentor Graphics Corp.



”Design Methodology in High Complexity ASIC Design”


Douglas B. Boyle

Director, Hardware Engineering, Sun Microsystems Engineering



“CAD Requirements for High-Volume, High Performance, Low Cost Designs”


David G. Richardson

Vice President, Integrated Components, Northern Telecom Electronics, Ontario, Canada



"ASICs and High Performance Telecommunication Systems"


Bruce McWilliams

Senior Vice President, Chief Technical Officer, nCHIP, Inc.



“Multichip Modules Today and Tomorrow”

1990 - Rochester, NY


Rajinder Khosla

Director, Microelectronics Technology Division Research Labs, Eastman Kodak



“System Integration using ASICs in the 90's”


Robert Walker

Vice President, Technical Marketing, LSI Logic Corp.



“ASIC Tests in the Nineties”


James A. Rowson

Fellow, VLSI Technology Inc.



“1990's ASIC CAD: Getting the System Right”


Robert B. Johnson

Vice President, ASIC Division, National Semiconductor Corp.



Single Vendor Solution


Charles P. Holt

Vice President, Systems Reprographic Development Unit, Xerox Corp.



"The Document Processing Explosion of the 90s"


Walter Kleinfelder

Senior Research Manager, IBM Watson Research Center



“Research Parallel Processor Prototype”

Speakers Of the Last Decade